Benji Schneider

Family has always come first in Benji’s life. While his second passion of chasing whitetails, decoying waterfowl, snaring coyotes  etc…. is always on his mind. His beautiful wife, Sarah, and he reside in a small town in southeastern Minnesota.  They’ve been married since 2010,  and since then, have welcomed 2 amazing (extremely busy) sons into their lives, Kale and Evan.  If it is a nice day to toss a line in the water, they all go fishing together. Then, watch as Sarah out fishes them all.  When the hunting season is upon us, Benji tries to enjoy it as much as he possibly can, especially with the few days off from the road construction career that he’s in.  As the hunting seasons begin to roll around, he will be pursuing those amazing whitetails all over southeastern Minnesota. He hopes (can’t wait) to make some great memories with his buddies, while they enjoy the pursuit, and hopefully along the way, catch some great footage of whatever the outdoors has to offer.