Connor Deis

Connor DeisFor Connor Deis, hunting is a passion and it goes far beyond bagging a big buck or tumbling a tom. Connor was five years old when he sat along side his dad in a ground blind at the Tim Rinehart ranch in southern Minnesota. About an hour into the hunt, a doe walked within a few yards of the blind. No doe permit meant no shot at the deer. But, that moment likely triggered his passion for the outdoors and especially hunting whitetails. After a few more hunts with dad, Connor would get his first shot at a whitetail in northern Minnesota. This time along side his dad in a tree stand, Connor spotted a doe coming down the trail, he would get a shot off with his .410 shotgun but unfortunately missed the target. With no luck bagging the deer, many young kids would give up, but that is where Connor’s love for hunting continued to grow. At age 13 Connor received a Matthew’s bow and shot a eight pointer the first year. That would prove to be the start of his true passion bow hunting for deer. Then, after watching many episodes on the Outdoor Channel, Connor decided he needed to add to the adventure by filming hunts! With sights set on a future full of hunting and filming, Connor decided to start his path and began to film and edit video.  As he kept this up, he began a friendship with Sam, and at 16 they were consistently thriving to get better footage and an opportunity for something big. For Connor the hunting season is year round, beginning with shed hunting to turkey hunting to putting hours into food plots and the perfect stand placements. Connors love to run trail cameras almost year round.  In the middle of the summer it is like Christmas to him getting to pull the card and see what bucks have made it and to see his hit-listers! Connor is so excited to be filming for Faded Camo this year and can’t wait for you to join along with him this season!