Lane Bartsh

LaneLane grew up on a small dairy farm near Elba, MN and was introduced to the outdoors at a young age.  Growing up in SE MN hunting and fishing was part of his life, and he became addicted to all of it. He started hunting at 12 and over the years it developed into a passion to harvest mature deer with bow and arrow.  To Lane, hunting isn’t just about harvesting a deer, it’s also about enjoying the little moments that happen and being able to share that with friends and family.  Previously, he was a pro staff member with Midwest Whitetail but with a growing family and work, it ended. He works in Elgin at R&K Auto body with his father and has more time for the outdoors and his family.  Lane lives in Plainview, MN with his 2 children and is raising them in the outdoors just as his father did. Lane will be hunting in the beautiful hills and valleys of SE MN.