Marc Schwabenlander

Marc was born and raised in rural Wisconsin and taught to value hard work and all of God’s creations. Daily adventures in the fields, streams, and woods with fishing poles and BB guns grew into a passion for the outdoors, a lifetime love of hunting, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

faded-camo-bio-picWith his educational background and over a decade as a veterinary professional performing post-mortem investigations, Marc wondered why certain scientific and health related information was often missing from popular outdoor media. He created Lethal Insight to provide messages on hunting strategy, human health, animal biology, environmental health, and animal disease for the hunting community. This mission is disseminated to the public through magazine articles, videos, social media, and speaking engagements, and now, as a team member of Faded Camo.
Marc is based out of the Twin Cities Minnesota metro area where he does most of his hunting along with back “home” in Wisconsin. Marc enjoys learning the fine details of the land and animals on the properties that he hunts annually but equally appreciates exploring areas and prey that he has never experienced.