Tim Filiowich

The outdoors have played a huge role in Tim’s life and have shaped who he is today.
Tim has been hunting deer since 1996 but that passion turned into an obsession in 2007. That was the year he had an encounter with a giant whitetail that he would go on to chase for 3 years. The deer remained a ghost but taught Tim many lessons along the way. It shaped the hunter he is today. For Tim, it’s a year-round lifestyle and it’s more than a kill. It’s the essence of hunting that draws him in deeper and deeper.
Besides being a hunter, Tim has worked in the outdoor industry for many years and on various projects before the birth of Faded Camo in 2012. Most recently Tim was a member of the Midwest Whitetail pro-staff and before being pro-staff, he produced and hosted the Minnesota show. In his home state, he has worked with some outdoor papers including freelance writing and as a columnist for the press for over a year. He was also the VP of Sales and Marketing for the Outdoors Weekly paper and during that time developed and managed an outdoor website for many years which he sold in 2011. Now, Tim has a full time career as a police officer and all his spare time is devoted to his daughter and his outdoor passion.
Tim is one of the founders of Faded Camo and is also the producer, editor, and web manager.
This year he will be hunting in SE Minnesota and also the north metro area.